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Professor Yukichi SHIGETA

In our laboratory, we are going to study the (111) surface of Si, which is in general use as a semiconductor material with STM and RHEED. We intend to investigate, (1) Phase transition of the Si(111) surface from 7x7 into a 1x1 structure and surface melting at high temperature, (2) Surface electronic structure change by Boron doping, (3) Structure change and surface roughening during homo-epitaxial growth of SiCand@(4) Self-ordering of Ge quantum dots on the Si(111) surface.

E-mail: shigeta@yokohama-cu.ac.jp


DSci 3: Atsuteru MATSUI

Development of Dual Tip STM measuring the property of nano-scale structure


 DSci 1: Izumi MOCHIDUKI

 STM Study of Au Suicide nano-islands on Si(111)


MSci 1: Shigeaki NISHIGIMA

RHEED Study of hetero-epitacial growth on a Semiconductor Surface


BSci 4:@Kunihiko AOYAGI

Manipulation of Au nanodot


BSci 4:@Toshiaki OKUTSU

Study of Strucral phase transition by RHEED


BSci 4:@Maki ODAGIRI

Application of Dual tip STM


BSci 4:  Katsuaki YAMAGUCHI

STM Study of DNA molecule


Persons received the degree of Doctor in Science from the university

March 2003


Observation of Dynamic Structure Change on the surface by New Reflection-High Energy Electron Diffraction System

Phys. Rev. B65.  195415-195422 (2002).http://publish.aps.org/abstract/prb/v65/p195415

gPhase transition from asymmetric to symmetric dimer structure on Si(001) surface at high temperatureh, Phys.Rev.Lett. 91, 126103 (2003).


December 2003


Faculty of Science, Gest Researcher @

gInterrelations between the local electronic states and the atomic structures in the Si nanoscale island on Si(111)-(7x7) surfaceh, J. Appl. Phys. 93, 4824-4830 (2003).

 gLocal structure and electronic state of a nanoscale Si island on Si(111)-7x7 substrateh, Surf. Sci., 507-510, 582-587 (2002).  

J. Appl. Phys.  96, 5013-5016 (2004).


March  2006

Dr. Masahiko SUZUKI

gStudy of strain and electronic structure of Ge nanoislands on Si(111)-7~7 surfaceh Phys. Rev. B72, 235325 (2005).

gGrowth of nanoscale Ge magic islands on Si(111)-7~7 substrateh,@Surf. Sci., 539, 113-119 (2003)





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