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The surface of a semiconductor, which is the most important material in the electronics industry, is fascinating because the surface shows a reconstructed structure having characteristic periodicity different from that of a bulk lattice. And the surface shows interesting phenomena: Phase transition at high temperature; Surface structure change by dopant; Influence of the surface structure in the epitaxial growth, and so on. In my laboratory, we are going to study the (111) surface of Si, which is in general use as a semiconductor material with STM and RHEED. We intend to investigate, (1) Phase transition of the Si(111) surface from 7x7 into a 1x1 structure and surface melting at high temperature, (2) Surface electronic structure change by Boron doping, and (3) Structure change and surface roughening during homo-epitaxial growth of Si.

From the latest our investigations, we have found out that the surface structure has a great influence on layer growth. Since the periodicity of the reconstructed surface structure is in the nanometer scale, we can make a nanoscale structure by using the surface structure as a template. This method will be very useful to make the nano-parts constructing the IC and LSI in the 21st century. We will try to make Ge quantum dots on the Si(111) surface.



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